Typhoon…Built on Trust

Founded in 1947 by Oscar Gugen. Typhoon has been trusted to provide the highest performance technical water sports apparel and equipment available. Decades of knowledge and experience have gone into to making every Typhoon product the best it can be. Utilising only the latest in material and manufacturing technology Typhoon remains at the pinnacle of product design. So whether you’re a professional or a first time rookie in the water you can rely on Typhoon to protect you and enhance your experience.

Having escaped as a Prisoner of War several times from the Germans during World War II, Oscar finally came to England and started up in business. Today, Typhoon, is the World’s largest manufacturer of drysuits and a key player in the Diving and Water sports arena with products specifically designed for all its key leisure markets: diving / sailing / surfing / kayaking / water skiing / boarding and water sports.